FHS 7 Habits Winners!

Throughout the school year we will be recognizing students who positively exhibit the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

2016 Habit of the Month - September - Be Proactive
  • Being PROACTIVE rather than reactive means CONTROLLING THE MOMENT rather than letting the moment control you.
  • Take action before problems arrive. PRACTICE PRECAUTIONS to avoid preventable road bumps.
  • Initiative To Do Things
  • Improves quality of work enhances work ethics.
  • Prevents cramming in doing homework.

The winner is Brookelyne Schroyer

Every day when Brookelynne Schroyer arrives in the library she says to me, "Do you have anything for me to do?" Brookelynne is the most proactive student I have ever worked with. She has been looking for colleges and exploring scholarship options for 2 years. She is future focused. She has been in contact with college admissions officers, universities, her counselor, and even a marine biologist in preparation for becoming a professional in the field. Brookelynne always makes sure she leaves school on time to help her little sisters off the bus. If she is going to miss a book club meeting she talks to me before hand to be sure she has the book and follows-up the next day. Brookelynne works in the community at Findlay/Hancock County Public Library. A job she pursued after another job wasn't giving her the hours she wanted. Brookelynne takes responsibility for her school work and maintains great relationships with classmates. She always gives others the benefit of the doubt and believes that all people are doing the best they can with what they know. Her kindness and compassion for others are inspiring to me, and seeing her work every day on scholarship applications is beyond anything I have ever seen in a student at FHS.
-Nominated by Mrs. Brasfied

Congratulations to all the "Proactive" Nominees: Sarah Abraham, Johnathon Ramirez, and Emily Robinson

2016 Habit of the Month - October - Begin With The End in Mind
  • Set Goals
  • An effective teen must always set a goal in mind. You must remember the things that you want to achieve so that you can do a task at your best.
  • MOTIVATION, PATIENCE & DISCIPLINE are keys to unlocking your goals.
  • Achieving your GOALS can make you a HAPPIER & more POSITIVE PERSON

The winner is Sam Kovaleski

When thinking about what it means to embody the concept of "begin with the end in mind," the first student I think of is Sam Kovaleski. Sam is a student who has always wanted to serve his country and has worked hard to achieve this goal. When I first had Sam as a sophomore in my 10CP English class, he was studious, kind, and respectful. However, this is not just a classroom behavior, but a lifelong trait that he lives each day. You see, Sam has been aspiring to enter a US Service Academy for as long as I have known him. He works each day to better himself as both a student and a citizen to achieve his dream of entering a service academy. He works hard to be physically fit as well as academically strong, all while being active in his community and treating all those he encounters with respect and dignity. Last year, when I had Sam again as Junior in 11CP English, these traits became even more pronounced. He continued to strive for the best grades he could, as he knew that his grades would be a reflection of his work ethic and attitude as he began talking to military leadership about entering an academy upon graduation. And although there were days where I could see Sam was tired and overworked from his lofty goals, he continued to be respectful, honest, and hardworking through any adversity he might have faced. Now, with graduation looming on the horizon, Sam is actively pursuing admission to an academy, having met with the appropriate military leaders on days off of school, asking for appointment by our local government officials, and pursuing the correct documentation and recommendations from school and community members. I am excited for Sam, as I can tell his long term planning - beginning with the end in mind - is going to pay off in a big way for him. We just have to wait and see what academy is lucky enough to get Sam Kovaleski.
-Nominated by Mrs. Haas

Congratulations to all the "Begin With The End In Mind" Nominees: Garrett Heath and Rebecca Breyman

2016 Habit of the Month - November/December - Put First Things First
  • Prioritizing without discipline is pointless
  • It is important that we do the important things first rather than the things that we want to do. As effective teenagers, you must learn to RECOGNIZE THE IMPORTANT THINGS that must go FIRST.
  • Prioritization teaches us proper time management.

The winner is Victoria Flores

Nominated by Ms. Bennett: Victoria Flores is an extremely responsible young adult. She not only understands that doing her work in school needs to be put first so she achieves good grades, she also understands that it will reflect her future. Victoria puts her classes, grades, and responsibilities before socialization in and out of school. From having Victoria over the last two year and being fortunate to have her twice this year for senior math and affective education I have gotten the opportunity to learn about her. She exhibits the habit Put First Things First, not only at school but at home. She has 5 younger siblings at home, 4 brothers and 1 sister who look up to her. Victoria makes sure she sets a good example at home by getting her school work done before watching television or spending time with friends. She ensures that her siblings follow in her foot steps and get their work done promptly. It amazes me that as a senior in high school Victoria embodies this habit so fully. She wants to learn as much as she can in school and takes her work seriously so she can get a good job after high school. She is a model student in the aspects of getting her work done on time and focusing on what is important inside the classroom. When other students try to get Victoria off task she very politely reminds them that she has work to do and they do too. At home Victoria not only puts her school work before socializing she puts her family first as well. She makes sure to spend time with her siblings and dad because family time is very important to her. She values the time she gets with the members of her whole family and when she talks about them she is very proud and understands how fortunate she is to have time with her family. She often schedules time with her friends around time that she already has planned with her family. Victoria understands that she does not have to say yes to everything that is asked of her. She is able to see what she values as important and is able to focus on those goals instead of getting off track. She often asks for help from me during class to ensure she fully understand concepts because for her, schools is defiantly her First Things First. There is no doubt in my mind that Victoria will continue to embrace this habit after high school which will lead her to be very successful in anything that she wants to accomplish.

  • Prioritizing without discipline is pointless
  • It is important that we do the important things first rather than the things that we want to do. As effective teenagers, you must learn to RECOGNIZE THE IMPORTANT THINGS that must go FIRST.
  • Prioritization teaches us proper time management.

The winner is Tom Gilgen

Nominated by Mrs. Davis: Even if one doesn't know Tom by name I am confident they would recognize his kind and smiling face as a key player in all things awesome at FHS. Tom balances a class load of challenging courses, working as a tech assistant for the school district, serving his church and his community. Additionally, Tom handles the music in the hallways and lead student council in the local Halloween parade Tom always has a clear priority in which things should be handled and accomplished and never lets anything fall through the cracks. He had clear goals about what he wants to accomplish in the future and is working a plan to get there. Tom is a living example of what it means to put first things first and I am blessed to know him.

2017 Habit of the Month - January - Think Win-Win
  • Be a Team Player
  • BE HUMBLE and BE KIND TO OTHERS so you won't hit too hard when you fall.
  • It is important to SHARE THE GLORY with others. An effective teen should be able to GET WHAT THEY WANT WITHOUT MAKING OTHERS FEE INFERIOR.
  • A WIN-WIN ATTITUDE is when a person chooses the choice that would benefit themselves as well as other people.

The winner is Maggie Bohland

Nominated by Dr. Mary Beth Kennedy-Mowery: It is my pleasure to nominate Margaret "Maggie" Bohland for this month's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People winner. Maggie represents Habit 4: Think Win-Win explicitly.

I had the opportunity to work with Maggie in my Essential Communications course last semester. Not only was Maggie a winner in the classroom as a student, but she took her winning attitude, by her own volition, to my Adaptive Communications class where she served as a student assistant.

Maggie interacted with the students in my Period 8 class on a daily basis. Sometimes she served as listener, other times she participated as mentor, and toward the end of the course she served as director. Through her leadership, members of the Adaptive Communications course were able to sport appropriate attire for their end of the term interviews as well as develop strong speeches and resumes.

Maggie volunteered to give up her study hall to attend my Comm class. She never once asked for anything in repayment. She demonstrated courage when she approached me about helping with the class's needs and modeled maturity as she worked side by side with the students. She was empathetic yet demonstrated courage to step out of her comfort zone, as only a sophomore, to work with older students whose disabilities were new to her. She was always sensitive to the individual needs of the students and assisted them with integrity and respect.

Reflective of Habit 4, Maggie was constantly thinking how she could help the Period 8 students "win". She solicited clothes, helped design power points and encouraged students to give their speeches. She viewed the classroom as a cooperative arena, where her previous experience in communications, with me as her teacher, could assist her fellow peers with their projects. She gave of her time with a giving heart and I am sure, from her positive feedback, that she also gained from the experience.

It is, without a doubt, that Margaret "Maggie" Bohland should be selected the February 7 Habits of Highly Effective People award winner. She is definitely deserving of this fine recognition.

2017 Habit of the Month - February - Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood
  • There is a difference between listening and just waiting to speak.
  • Don't rush to get your point across. An effective teen must learn how to listen to what other people have to say before completely shutting them off.
  • It takes PATIENCE and HUMILITY TO REALLY LISTEN to others.

Nominated by Mrs. Burget: Brionna Brown is very aware of emotional needs of others, putting other's needs ahead of her own.

Very recently we had a new student enroll at Findlay High School. This student came to us from a much smaller county school. She was overwhelmed with the size of Findlay High School, as well as trying to adjust to other major changes in her life. Brionna noticed that this student was very upset. Brionna reached out to this student in a way that staff were not able to do. When she saw this girl crying in the hallway, she stopped to talk with her. She spoke to the new student about her struggles, trying to figure out what this new girl needed. When she found out that the student was having a hard time going to some of her classes, Brionna offered to clear her own schedule (making arrangements with her teachers to make up her work), to go to this girl's classes with her, until she became more familiar and comfortable with her schedule and her classes. Brionna went out of her way to help this new student become comfortable in her classes at Findlay High School. Brionna Brown certainly shows a level of concern, compassion, and understanding toward others. Upon seeing another student crying in the hallway, many students would have just walked past, not knowing what to do to help. Brionna didn't know what was needed either, until she stopped to listen to the student and understand what she needed. Then, Brionna took the initiative to come up with a plan to help. Brionna showed a great example of seeking first to understand, then to be understood!

Nominated by Mr. Shoup: When faced with extraordinary circumstances, Junior, Joey Bower implemented one of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People; Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood!

One day, after lunch we experienced two medical emergencies at the exact same time at Findlay High School and Millstream. The response by our students, staff, and administrative team was superb as we sought to service the students as best as we possibly could. We also learned things during the crisis to help us improve our procedures going forward. With all that said, we wanted to bring to light the most important thing we learned and continue to learn, we have amazing students. When one of our students first told his teacher that he was feeling light headed, the teacher had him go to the nurse while being escorted by another student. That student escort was Damien "Joey" Bower. Joey walked down the hallway with the student that was feeling ill and when the student began to go into a seizure Joey had to act quickly. He looked around and there was no one in the hallway. Instead of letting the student lay on the floor and convulse and possibly injure himself, Joey took matters into his own hands. Because he would not leave the student, Joey picked the student up and carried him down the hallway over his shoulders to receive medical attention. The student was attended to and then transported to the hospital. When we learned of Joey's actions, he was brought to the office and congratulated for his heroic efforts. He was rewarded with some coupons to local establishments and told how proud we were of him. In a world where people are often only concerned about themselves, Joey showed us all that FHS has wonderful, caring students that would literally bear one another's burdens.

2017 Habit of the Month - March - Synergize
  • Synergizing is teamwork.
  • Imagination and adventure of finding new and more creative solutions to old problems.
  • An effective teen must learn to be comfortable with working with others.
  • TWO heads are better than one.

Nominated by FHS Administration: In an effort to improve Findlay High School we have been having many conversations to discuss ideas and thoughts for innovation and improvement. This is the true meaning of "Synergizing"! Synergizing is teamwork, imagination and adventure of finding new and more creative solutions to old problems. One group that has exemplified this habit throughout the school year has been our student council class. The FHS administration would like to recognize the entire student council team for their efforts to work collaboratively to find ways to improve FHS. They have had continued discussions regarding what we can Stop, Start, and Continue, as well as come up with creative solutions to improve the overall atmosphere at FHS for students. We commend them and appreciate their efforts to model the habit of Synergizing.

2017 Habit of the Month - April/May - Sharpen The Saw
  • Take a BREAK
  • In order to be an effective teen, you must rest your body and your mind.
  • Too much work can lead to fatigue and you may becomes less efficient.
  • You must take care of yourself by eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated, exercising, and getting enough sleep. When we sleep, our body and brain cell recuperate, helping us to function better.
  • Sharpening the saw means renewing one's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state through resting.

Nominated by Mr. Shoup and Mr. Shank: This month, we are recognizing the 7th Habit, Sharpening the Saw. Stephen Covey suggests, to sharpen the Saw means preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have - you. It means having a balanced program for self-renewal in the four areas of your life: physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual. For many, one way to sharpen the saw is by fishing. An outdoor activity, that can be quiet, peaceful, competitive, and rewarding, fishing can provide a sense of self-renewal. Recently a Findlay High School student has expressed interest and began coordinating the process to start a fishing club here at FHS. This program would allow many others the opportunity to sharpen the saw through this rewarding activity. Congratulations to Micah DeMuth for implementing the 7th habit of Sharpening the Saw.