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Orientation and Lifetouch Photos:

Thursday, August 4th

8:00-11:00 Seniors:
A-G 8:00-9:00
H-Q 9:00-10:00
R-Z 10:00-11:00

Lunch Break: 11:00-12:00

12:00-3:00 Juniors
A-G 12:00-1:00
H-Q 1:00-2:00
R-Z 2:00-3:00
  Friday, August 5th

8:00-11:00 Sophomores
A-G 8:00-9:00
H-Q 9:00-10:00
R-Z 10:00-11:00

Band, Football, and Other Athletes and
Miscellaneous Make-Ups 11:00-12:30

On behalf of the students and staff, welcome to the Findlay High School Home Page. We are proud that our web pages are developed and supported by our students in the Web Page classes. This is a wonderful real-world educational opportunity for our students and we are proud to present their work to you. This course is just one opportunity of many rigorous academic challenges offered at Findlay High School along with a large selection of diverse extra-curricular choices. Therefore, our students and parents stay very busy. In order to assist individuals interested in keeping informed of the happenings at Findlay High School and Findlay City Schools, we developed an email distribution list - to subscribe, please click on either of the following lists:

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I would like to thank the community for the past support that has allowed our students to experience these wonderful opportunities and appreciate your enthusiasm and continued support of all the programs at Findlay High School.

Craig Kupferberg, Principal


FHS Mission
trojanThe Mission of Findlay High School is to develop within each student the ability to recognize and realize their individual potential to be lifelong learners who are caring, flexible, contributing citizens in an ever-changing society. This is accomplished through families, students, staff, and community working together to provide a positive atmosphere where all students can attain the virtues necessary to achieve their mental, physical, and emotional potential.

New! Findlay High School Earns Continuing NCA CASI Accreditation

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Regular Schedule

Regular Schedule
Period Start End
Period 1 7:25 8:12
Period 2 8:16 9:03
Period 3 9:07 9:54
Period 4 9:58 10:45
5A Lunch 10:47 11:17
Period 5 11:21 12:08
Period 5 10:49 11:13
5B Lunch 11:13 11:43
Period 5 11:45 12:08
Period 5 10:49 11:36
5C Lunch 11:38 12:08
Period 6 12:12 12:59
Period 7 1:03 1:50
Period 8 1:54 2:41

Thursday Collaborative Schedule

Thursday Schedule
Period Start End
TCT 7:00 7:30
Period 1 7:40 8:25
Period 2 8:29 9:14
Period 3 9:18 10:03
Period 4 10:07 10:52
5A Lunch 10:55 11:25
Period 5 11:29 12:14
Period 5 10:55 11:18
5B Lunch 11:18 11:48
Period 5 11:52 12:14
Period 5 10:55 11:40
5C Lunch 11:44 12:14
Period 6 12:18 1:03
Period 7 1:07 1:52
Period 8 1:56 2:41

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FHS Students: We are excited to announce that we have partnered with FinalForms, an on-line program which will enable you and your student to complete & file MOST school forms electronically. FinalForms is immediately available for all Findlay High School Students not just those wishing to participate in athletics.


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Regular Schedule: 7:25 - 2:41
Thursday Schedule: 7:25 - 2:09




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